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About Perfect World Investment & Holding Group

Perfect World Investment & Holding Group is a global leading entertainment industry group with Perfect World Co., Ltd. (002624) as its listed arm. The group has introduced its products into over 100 countries and regions around the world, with a principal focus on the countries and regions in North America, Europe and Asia. The company has established dozens of offices in its home market, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and Hainan Province, as well as over 20 offices in several countries, among them, the U.S., the Netherlands, France, South Korea and Japan. In addition to strategic investments in literature and media, Perfect World Investment & Holding Group is now involved in business segments including movies & TV, games, e-sports, cinemas, animation, education, and business-oriented internet products.

Between 2011 and 2020, Perfect World has been voted as one of the China Top 30 Cultural Enterprises nine times. The company was successively named as one of the 2011-2012, 2013-2014, 2015-2016, 2017-2018 Annual Key Enterprises for Cultural Exports. In 2016 and 2020, Perfect World was twice awarded the title of Most Socially Responsible Listed Company respectively, while in 2017, the company was honored as one of the most respected Chinese enterprises of 2016-2017. In 2018, the company won the title of Enterprise Model of China’s Social Responsibility for Games. In 2019, Perfect World won the award of Excellent Enterprise of Achieving Employee Happiness 2019.

Movies & TV

The business segments of Perfect World Pictures (PWPIC) include production, brokering of artistic endeavors, entertainment and events hosting, game and movie integration alongside international businesses and investment. Perfect World Pictures reaped outstanding results with its popular TV series which took more than 10% of the prime-time slots in China. Its films and TV series have won many important awards both in and outside of China, including the Flying Goddess Award, the Magnolia Award, the Best Works Award, the Tripod Award, the Golden Angel Award for Chinese American Film Festival Outstanding Chinese TV Series, the Huabiao Film Awards, the Hundred Flowers Award, the Golden Horse Award and the Academy Award, among others. In July 2014, DVDs of the movies and TV series Beijing Youth, To the Elderly with Love and Love Is Not Blind produced by Perfect World Pictures were offered by Chinese President Xi Jinping as national gifts during his visit to Argentina.

PWPIC forged a strategic partnership with Universal Pictures in 2016. Darkest Hour and Phantom Thread, two films that Perfect World co-produced with the famous Hollywood studio, were nominated at the 90th Academy Awards. Darkest Hour won awards for Best Actor and Best Makeup and Hairstyling, while Phantom Thread won Best Costume Design. At the 91st Academy Awards, BlacKkKlansman took home the award for Best Adapted Screenplay while First Man garnered Best Visual Effects.


Perfect World Games was the first Chinese gaming company to pioneer the independent development of 3D game engines. As a global game developer, distributor and operator, its products cover client games, mobile games, console games, VR games and cloud games. Perfect World Games products have been distributed to more than 100 countries and regions, introducing global users to excellent Internet culture and contributing to the global popularity of Chinese culture.


As the exclusive carrier of well-known e-sports products such as DOTA2 and CS:GO in Chinese mainland, Perfect World has always been striving to provide players great entertainment experience in the arena of e-sports. Since 2015, Perfect World has successfully hosted large international e-sports events, including the CS:GO Asia Championships, the DOTA2 Asia Championships (three times) and the DOTA2 SuperMajor. The company also assisted VALVE in hosting the 2019 International DOTA2 Championships, the world's most watched e-sports event, providing the firm a leadership role in enhancing the Chinese e-sports sector’s positioning and level of influence when it comes to major international events.

In mid-June 2020, Perfect World initiated a brand new CS:GO Professional League. The first iteration encompassed the Asia Summer RMR Tournament, PAL Summer 2020, expanding in the Fall RMR Tournaments to both Asia and Oceania in the forms of PAL and POL Fall 2020. During these tournaments, professional teams from the two regions will compete for their regional rankings towards the CS:GO Major. In the meantime, Perfect World launched Perfect World DOTA 2 League (PWL), an innovative DOTA2 tournament with flexible and creative competition system, which soon won recognition from teams and players.

Hosted by Perfect World, College League and City Challenge are prominent for domestic college students and gamers of DOTA2 and CS:GO. Since 2018, the College League and City Challenge have been held in more than 20 major cities in China every year during spring and autumn. Moreover, a new online tournament has been launched in 2020, namely King of the arena. Meanwhile, campus commentary incubation and the recruitment platform for esports college leagues also built a more complete college esports system for the College League and the City Challenge.

In June 2018, Perfect World began to work with VALVE on the Steam China project. The company plans to roll out more game titles through the Steam China platform. In doing so, Perfect World aims to provide more high-quality content and a superior experience and level of service to Chinese players and developers in a move to help Chinese game developers, especially medium and small-sized ones, expand globally.


In October 2016, Perfect World Cinemas Management Co., Ltd. was established, with the primary aim of engaging in the management of single cinemas and cinema chains. Main businesses include development, investment and construction of cinemas, film distribution, film screenings and theater-related derivatives businesses such as sales of merchandise and advertising. Currently, Perfect World owns 90 cinemas in more than 60 cities and autonomous prefectures in 20 provinces and regions throughout Chinese mainland. Cinemas under the management arm’s direction now number over 200.


Perfect World Animation is an animation company under Perfect World Group. Founded in 2015, it is engaged in the core businesses of animation creation, production, distribution and derivatives licensing, etc. Guardians of the Space I, the company’s three-year undertaking, has become the most viewed of its category since its launch and show on over 100 Chinese TV stations including CCTV Children’s Channel and CCTV General Channel in October 2018. Guardians of the Space II also achieves high TV ratings upon its launch in September 2019. While its broadcast on BTV Kaku Kids Channel, the audience ratings have consecutively ranked first in the evening prime time. Guardians of the Space III was telecasted on September 30, 2020. Meanwhile the TV series has garnered more than 3.3 billion views across online video platforms. It has been honored as an outstanding animated project for domestic TV in 2018 as well as an outstanding animated project donated to the minority nationality areas in 2019 by the China National Radio and Television Administration. In 2020, it is listed as one of a series of excellent TV and radio shows that will be broadcast without airing fees on TV and radio stations across China amid a TV and radio shows promotion campaign launched by the China National Radio and Television Administration to rally public morale in the battle against the coronavirus outbreak. Both seasons of Guardians of the Galaxy Were shortlisted for the 2020 “Golden Monkey King” Awards.


The business consists of Perfect World Education for lifelong education and Business incubation & services, general education (the QUANJING series of books), and All World App (historical knowledge community, the former Allhistory app).

Perfect World Education & Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Perfect World Education”), one of the core business units of Perfect World Investment & Holding Group (hereinafter referred to as “the Group”), is devoted to reconstructing education through industrial resources and creating the best platform for innovative talents to give full play to their abilities. A pattern of “one body and two wings” has been formed, in which “education empowers industry and industry improves education.” The pattern helps tackle the industrial woes that talents are divorced from the industry.

Perfect World Education is comprised of lifelong education, and business incubation & services, in which lifelong education includes production-education integration and vocational development education. Empowering industry with education, Perfect World’s lifelong education is directed at cultivating and feeding versatile talents featuring standardization, creativity, and foresightedness for digital creative industry via cooperation with education institutions. Business incubation & services covers incubation and relevant services, providing practice opportunities and a cross-boundary vision during digital creative talents cultivation, including actual projects and cross-boundary practice to satisfy the industry’s demand in terms of talents.

Founded by Dr. Chi Yufeng in 2016, Perfect World General Education and Technology produces and publishes the original QUANJING series of books. The QUANJING series adopts a future-oriented approach to interpreting the wisdom of China’s earliest philosophers and thinkers, the classic works that they produced, while providing insights into rules of human growth and development and the trends that led to the development of a society as we know it today. The series of books is designed based on the overall approach of “learning how to be self-sufficient and then how to serve the community” with the aim of helping young people grow and succeed by developing their own awareness and then the awareness of the society around them. Quanjing on Mankind, the first of the series, has been released in October 2019.

All World APP aims to create a diversified knowledge platform to help users obtain a comprehensive understanding of global history and human civilization. It serves as an art gallery with more than 210,000 high-definition famous paintings, a portable library with more than 100,000 antique books from home and abroad, a walkman with quality classical music online, and a mobile tour guide with a 3D collection of historical sites around the world, including historical databases of dozens of professional fields, such as science and technology, war and fine arts. At the same time, historical maps, relation atlases, AB paths and other special tools enable users to feel the relevance, visual and interesting elements of history by breaking through space-time and single dimension limitations.

Business-oriented internet products

88 is a business-oriented internet brand affiliated with Perfect World Investment & Holding Group that makes innovative products and already launched two mailboxes – 88 Perfect Mail and Email Perfect Mail.

88 Perfect Mail (www.88.com) is positioned as a free business email of individual Chinese users. With the slogan of “Perfect Mail, perfect business communication,” 88 Perfect Mail is dedicated to providing better business communication services to its users.

Different from the traditional mailbox, 88 Perfect Mail provides users with a new kind of business communication experience with its comfortable and minimalist fashion interface, rich cooperative office functions, customized email account, and time capsule, in which users can write a letter to their future selves. Its auspicious website address of www.88.com implies fortune, luck, and beautiful aspirations.

Email Perfect Mail (www.email.cn) is a customized email that supports users to tailor their own subdomains. As a professional customized email in China, Email Perfect Mail is able to satisfy the diversified demands of users. By logging in www.email.cn, every individual can get access to their own subdomains.

Perfect Mail is the first product for 88 in its march towards business-oriented internet products. 88 will integrate the service of mailbox with recruitment information, knowledge sharing, business communication, and business information to provide users with more professional and effective business services.

Find more professional business-oriented internet products in 88.

In addition, Perfect World Investment & Holding Group has also made strategic investments in literary works and media. In terms of literary works, Zongheng Literature owns several online literary portals including Zongheng.com and Panda Reader, with the number of daily visitors exceeding 14 million. The portal provides access to more than 300,000 works and is China’s top platform for original novels and digital content. In the media industry, StarGame is currently one of China’s largest game media and online gamer communities, covering media channels including MMO, e-sports, console games, mobile games and DOPSY. Daily traffic to the platform has reached 280 million, with more than 200 million registered users.